Sunday, July 31, 2011


Kade did his very first OMC race. We didn't think that they would let kids with training wheels enter races, but Dusty wrote a letter asking if they would allow it and they said yes. Kade has been really excited about racing all week and was super excited come race day. He did great and took 1st in his class (mmm he was the only one in his class, so pretty easy win). Since there really wasn't a lot of kids in other classes they grouped 3 class together to do the awards. He was really cute on the track race and even took the time to slow down and wave to the cheering crowd!

Here he is with his 4th place trophy!

He had to race 2x which is pretty exhausting for the little guy. After the second go, he headed staight for the tent area and fell asleep like this! He slept throught the awards ceremony but was all grins when he woke up and saw his trophy.

Since he was the only one with training wheels he asked again if he could just have two wheels on his motorcycle....I said he had to learn how to ride his bicycle with no training wheels first! Here's to helmets, knee pads, chest protectors, gloves, googles, boots, riding pants, one nervous mom and one excited dad!

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