Sunday, August 14, 2011

Motocross Kade

Kade had his 2nd Moto Cross Race; it was at OMC as well. He did a lot better than his first race. He finished 3rd overall and won another Trophy. This Trophy is taller than his first one and he is really excited.

Dusty was so proud of him he hung a new shelf in his room for his trophy's that he as won. He also put on the the shelf Kade's first picture on a motorcycle when he was just over a year old.

One thing Dusty and I have learned is Kade is very competitive. He always has to win no matter what he is doing.

Dusty got me shirt last year that I can finally understand. It says "Laundry Detergent......$8.00, Gas to Track.......$17.00, Entry Fee.......$35.00, My Kid Taking the Checkered Flag...PRICELESS

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