Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hang Ten

Austin playing in the sand. For some reason he really likes to eat it, but then again he eats everything so this should not suprise me.

We have been having a great summer! Lots of beach fun at Lake Cascade. Kades favorite thing is surfing on the surfboard and digger holes with sand castles around the holes. Dusty's favorite thing is surfing behind the boat. Not a lot of people understand the concept until you actually see it but let me try and explain it. The boat pulls you about 5mph which creates a large wake right behind the boat. You have a very short rope that pulls you out of the water unless you are Dusty who just stand on the back of the boat on the board and catches the wake from there. Once you catch the wake, you let go of the rope and surf the wake from the boat. Confused, guess I will have to take a picture for you next time. My favorite is all of these above, except the eating of sand--sorry Austin--you are the only one!


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