Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Let is Snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

OHHHH the whether outside is frightfull......while actually it's delightfully. It snowed all day yesterday! Schools were closed today because of all the snow--I thinks about 6inches and the roads are ice covered. Kade got this really cute sled for Christmas so I put him in his snowsuit and pulled him up and down the street. He really liked that fluffy white stuff and was the perfect cute baby he is and just sat in his sled while I hauled him up and down the neighborhood showing him off. I thinks tonight would be perfect for some homemade soup--halibut chowder! yummmmm

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Kelly said...

wow! I can't even believe all of that snow! It looks so fluffy and nice :) Kade is the perfect stuffed baby! ha! what a cutie!