Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Einstein

Kade now prefers to read the paper on our driving adventures. He will turn pages and babble about the Presidential elections and which canidate he perfers, what he thinks should be done over in Iraq, and hopefully Micron doesn't have another layoff. And then after reading every page, even the boring stuff, and he has looked through all the ads--he decides that he would like to give the paper just one little itty bitty taste. And to his amazment, it tastes really really good so he eats the whole thing. Baby Einstein or what?? I new that paying $40 for 3 books wasn't going to be a waste of money!!


Kelly said...

He is wise beyond his years!

Kelly said...

Did I say years? ...better said, his almost one year?

Blake and Meg said...

Have you noticed that the Sunday ads are so much better than regular paper? They crumble and taste so much better!

What a cutie!