Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rissa's Laua

Our friends Heather and Nathan put on a great Laua for their daughter Rissa's 3rd birthday. Again we raided mom's basement for the decor and it looked great. Kade was mesmorized with their kid sized razor. He just sat in that thing hoping some older kid would get in to drive him around. I tried but it wouldn't move very fast with the weight and plus I had to sit half in half out and push the petal with my arm. It was probably very funny to see.
We are off tomorrow for a camping trip and since I lack a certain knack for planning and packing, I am sure we will half starve and probably freeze to death. I am hoping though that I can write down everything I wish I had and plaste that list to the frigerator for the next trip.

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Holly said...

Isn't it funny how little boys are practically obsessed with cars? Ethan keeps telling me that Santa is going to bring him his own car to drive. The Luau looks fun, Kade's cute in the glasses!