Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I spent a fabulous weekend with my family at our Smith Family reunion down in Utah. My parents rented this huge and very nice house to sleep all of us. We spent a lot of time talking and laughing. And of course eating. After spending a couple days with my super sister Kelly, I am re-motivated to lose my last remaining 8lb of pregnancy weight. She has a great on line fitness blog that she does training tips on. This week she is doing a marathon week. It started Monday and ends Saturday and you have all week to run and marathon or 1/2 marathon. I decided to go for the 1/2 marathon this week but hope to do a marathon next time she holds it. I got a late start, I started today Wensday and did 3.5 miles. Its not to late to sign up see her online blog under my links! Also I read that if you tell others of our fitness goals you are more likely to follow though with them so here's my plan. No fad diets, I just plan on simply following the food pyramid and keeping my portions small--which I must say is my biggest down fall. I like my plate to be overflowing and will continue eating way past the discomfort stage. I aim to workout 5days a week and do running, biking, and yoga. I have been doing HOT yoga every Tuesday for the last couple of months and really really like it. My goal is to have dropped the 8lb by August so that I do it healthy way instead of just crash dieting. So there it is written down for everyone to see. I really can't back down now.


Kelly said...

you can totally lose those last 8 lbs! I'm glad you jumped into the 1/2 marathon! It was soo great to see you and hang for a while!

Holly said...

Ok, you've totally inspired me. I lost my baby weight but after having 2 kids my body is just different. I'm going to start pilates again and do it consistantly along with running and portion control. Thanks, Keri!