Thursday, December 20, 2007

6 Months Old

Time really goes by fast! Kade is already 6months old. I feel that he is not such a baby anymore, part of me is excited to see him grow and develop so fast but another part of me is sad--I want him to stay just a helpless little baby that depends on me for everything. I know he still needs me but he is really starting to become such a person. I might not be making any sense but I love love love this little baby boy. He can now situp by himself, even if it's just for a couple of seconds. He rolls all over the place and it makes me smile when I go to get him up in the mornings and his crib is torn apart and he is lying in the completely opposite direction than how I put him to bed. He holds his own bottle (I am still breastfeeding but he does occasionally drink from a bottle) He is eating applesauce which he loves. He is going #2 in the toilet ( I will discuss later) I am still very picky about what he eats--he of course did not get to eat the cake, just played in it. Dusty and I enjoyed the German chocolate though!


Kelly said...

I'm ready for the story about #2 in the toilet! What a big boy :)...just enjoy every day!..and then have another baby!

lochie said...

Keri he is absolutely adorable and what a cute idea to do a 1/2 birthday cake! I share your sentiments about them growing up - but Lochie is 4 and he's still my "baby". I joke with David that he's going to be 45 years old and still living at home and being my "baby".... I joke but maybe that'd be nice (for me!).. haha

PS. Thanks for watching him Thursday! As we were driving home he said "Now lets go to the store a buy a baby like Kade" - err not ready for *THAT* discussion yet... I told him you can't buy babies from the store and he goes "Maybe Walmart, Mum... maybe Walmart"

lochie said...

Keri I loved your comment on my blog - you're too funny! I think your answer to Lachlan's questions were perfect - sorry he put you in that awkward position but I guess at his age he's starting to think more about things and has an awareness that he is a big boy but was once a baby like Kade - so wants to know where Kade came from!! Your answer was totally appropriate and we'll follow up with him! I think for now its ok for him to keep thinking babies come from Walmart - I mean hey, they DO have a large selection of products so I can see how he thought that up...!