Sunday, September 23, 2007


I just got back from visiting my sister Kelly and her family in Maryland. I got there late Tuesday night and left Saturday night--a short trip but lots of fun. Kade did great on the airplane and I must say that people are exceptionally nice when you have a baby--I got to cut in line, have my seat changed so that I could have a whole row to myself, and had lots of people tell me over and over again how cute my baby is-which I already know but it's still nice to have people agree with me!

Kelly and Jake took me into the City so we could celebrate Kelly's birthday and we ate at Tapas--I am not sure what the name of the restraunt was but tapas is Spanish food served in small portions so you order a lot of differnt dishes and just share. Yummy Yummy!

Kelly and I went on a hike with the babies. It was a beatiful hike and at the end was a waterfall. Maria had a great time playing in the water even though it was freezing.

Maria is getting very good at talking and was great at rocking Kade in his car seat. Her favorite place to be was jumping on my bed.

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LeeAnn and Boys said...

Those two are soooo cute! Kade has changed so much since I last saw him