Sunday, September 16, 2007


Saturday was the Boise State homecoming game. We went down before the game and cooked hot dogs and went to the pregame pep rally. Kade was the cutiest BSU fan down there and got the attention of one of the BSU cheerleaders! We ended up winning the game and had lots of fun!!

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Anonymous said...

Periodic, random web searches can really be fun. I was searching to see if there were any remnants on the web of a business my aunt and uncle used to own (last name is Hibbard). They owned a pep supply business (cheerleading, pep squad, flags, etc.) The cheerleader holding your baby looks a lot like my cousin so I clicked on that and landed on your blog page. I had to leave a comment to tell you what a beautiful family you have.

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Mr D
Minneapolis, MN