Saturday, October 24, 2009

deceptively delicous

My mom recently gave me this cookbook and I have been loving it! Kade is going through a stage where he doesn't want to eat anything that even resembles something healthy. So this led me to start sneaking in healthy veggies into our meals. I had one day where I bought several sweet potatoes, butternut squash, carrots, and cans of pumpkin. Then I baked and steamed the veggies. Then put into blender. After that I put purees into ice cube trays and froze. I did this so that instead of a million ziplock bags in my freezer I just put into one big bag but I could easily pull out amount that I needed. Most recipes call for 1/2 c of veggie puree so 5 cubes equals 1/2 cup. Now I can easily add veggies to my dishes. So far I have tried the sloppy joe recipes, which I can honestly say this was the best sloppy joe I have ever had ( I actually have never liked sloppy joes so I am not sure why I tried this recipe but it was really good. I did not use ground turkey which the recipe called for, I used ground hamburger instead). Add the french toast. One time with pumpkin and the other time with sweet potatoe. Both were great. Tomorrow I am going to try the spagetti pie. My sis Kelly loves the Mac and Cheese recipe. I really recommend getting this cookbook. I have also been curious about just starting to add purees to my own favorite recipes and seeing if I could tell the difference.