Saturday, March 14, 2009

Housework is never done

Kade got his first cold this week. I am so blessed that he is almost 2 and that this is the first time he has been sick, but what a long week. And of course this was the week that I had to sub for a friend that asked me to work all week for her. I have an amazing husband who really stepped in and took care of my little man while I was at work and a great sister/brother-in-law and my wonderful mother-in-law (who watches him every Friday) sick or not! He was extra lovey this week and would snuggle with me in the morning and at night for longer than he normally does because who doesn't like to just snuggle when they are sick. Here he is at nana's helping with the house work, even when not feeling so good.


Holly said...

What a trooper! Maybe you can send him over here, I have vacuuming that needs to be done!

Walker family said...

Wow! He is getting so big! What a cute little guy. We sure miss you lots!

LeeAnn and Boys said...

send kade on over! He can train Riley who is a great mess maker! Can't believe what a healthy horse the kiddo is. Lucky. Isaac just got over a fever followed by a breakout of hives. He's been riding on my hip all week. poor us!