Sunday, November 2, 2008

Race Day

Dusty did his first endurance race on his dirt bike this weekend. He has been training for the last couple of months for this since it consisted of 65miles of dirt, rocks and sand. He did a great job and finished in just under 2 hours and 38mins. Since he has never done one before, he thought we should get there a little early so he could scout things out and early we were. We had to wait about 31/2 hours before he took off, but Kade loved every minute of it. He walked the parking lot about 30x checking out all the bikes. He also had his fair share of throwing rocks and rolling in the dirt. We watched him take off and went to the halfway point where the fuel up. Then we sat and ate hotdogs until he finished. We are not sure the final results but think he ended up 3rd in his division, not bad for the first time. He only recked once and I don't think he is going to be able to move tomorrow but he had a great time and wants to sign up for a couple more.

Here his is crossing the finish line exausted but still smiling!


Kelly said...

ooo-very cool. Good job Dusty

Rochelle and Jeremy Johnson said...

Congratulations on your first big race, Dusty! I will have to borrow your dirt bike the next time I come to Emmett and take it for a spin :)

LeeAnn and Boys said...

65 miles of fun fun fun! way to go