Wednesday, September 24, 2008

San Francisco

Last week I went to San Francisco for work/fun. The office that I work part-time at decided to go as a staff for a dental conference. I was really hoping for some great California sun, but to no luck I got overcast and cold. That didn't stop me from having fun. The conference was actually in Sonoma Valley which is also refered to as the wine country. There are vineyards everywhere even right along the freeway. I wouldn't think all the exhaust from cars would taste very good in your wine, but who knows maybee it helps with the fermenting process J/K. Of course I forgot my camera, I though I was doing so good leaving the house with camera in hand, only to leave it sitting in the passenger seat of my car so the pictures are just downloaded from the internet but I think I would have captured the same thing anyway. We went to a lot of good restraunts, did a little shopping. The best part I would say was the pedicure we all got, even the male Dr. I work for, was a great sport and had his first pedi along with us girls and I think we got him hooked. I was happy to come home though, this was the first trip I have ever taken alone since Dusty and I have been married and I sure did miss him and of course my sweet little Kade, who just discovered the art of throwing temper tantrums!!Yaaah He is getting so good at them!


Justin, Kalia, & the little nippers said...

Welcome to tantrums!! For us they come and go, though, so there've been some breaks between. Right now we are in potty training resistance phase. Atley took well to it at first, but now he holds back #2 and that is such a pain. We are not supposed to remind him because I guess that is a cause of it, but geez louise. What are you supposed to do when they get their poop face on at the dinner table? Good luck!

Holly said...

I love San Frasisco! Glad you had fun, it was probably nice to get away but it's always hard to be away from the little ones :)

LeeAnn and Boys said...

I don't believe you. Kade can do no wrong--he's too cute!