Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kade's Birthday party

After a wonderful week at the coast, we finished off the week with Kade's Birthday party. I am not sure what I was thinking come back from vacation and the next day throwing a party but I did and it turned out great. I did pulled pork sandwiches, another thing that I don't know what I was thinking since I have never made pulled pork, but they managed to turn out great. Dusty is always telling me not to experiment with food when people are coming over, and of course, I never listen to him. They actually are very easy to do but you have to start early, they take a long time to cook the pork. My sister in law made the cake, she is a great cake decorator. It was suppose to be 95 degrees for the bbq so I got a slip and slide for the kids and a little sprinkler elmo to help keep everyone cool. It turned out to be pretty nice evening except for the wind storm that blew in, but I guess that's better than sweating to death. Thanks everyone who came and also for the great gifts!


Kelly said...

Maria would have loved to celebrate in that elmo sprinkler too! what a supermom you are!

Joe, Becky, Logan(Fox) and Trigger Green said...

Keri, I came across your blog and love it! Your family is way cute and Kade is ADORABLE! We will have to get in touch some time!

LeeAnn and Boys said...

Happy birthday Kade! We hope you like your squeeks!