Saturday, May 31, 2008

1/2 Marathon Complete

After 1 moderate head-cold, 1/2 bottle zycam nasal spray, 13 snotrockets, 1 very large blister on my big toe, 1 pair of thrown out running shoes, 4 days, and 14 miles I have officially complete my 1/2 marthon today!!! I really feel that with a new pair of running shoes and the actually starting on day 1 I would have been able to do the full marathon so here's to Kelly and hosting another marathon week to challenge us all! I had a great time


Kelly said...

yeah! You're sooo great! You totally pasted the finish line and kept time full marathon for sure! Thanks for running with me!

Blake and Meg said...

You girls are amazing! I wish I was a runner--maybe I could lose my baby weight then, lol.