Sunday, February 3, 2008


Dusty and I have been looking at buying land for over a year now and we have finally found the perfect piece. We decided that we really liked Middleton so we bought a 1 acre lot about 3miles from our house now. We are planning on doing small things to the lot, such as planting trees and putting in a well for the next couple of years We are going to take our time building our house. I feel really good about our decision. The elementary school is about 1mile from the new lot and the golf course about 1.5miles, not that it played an important role in our decision-neither Dusty or I are big into golfing, but who knows maybe it will be a fun family activity in the future.


Kelly said...

looks good...and cold! oh snow! is your house still on the market?

Jake said...

congrats, that sounds awesome and should be fun for you to design you own place, on a good sized lot. it does look cold though and having your house over a mile away from the coarse is a good thing, i have seen dusty play and he has one heck of a slice. JK congrats

Rochelle and Jeremy Johnson said...

Congratulations on the new lot! I know you guys have been looking for a while and I'm sure it feels nice to finally find something. I look forward to seeing what it looks like as you build and then coming to visit when it is all done! Congrats again. Maybe Jeremy and I will buy some land for a house in say...10 years.