Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Career

Kade: On second thought, I really think I look good in this backhoe. After a couple hard falls off my horse, dad's business seems to be the better option for me.

Dusty and Kade worked out on our lot this weekend building a couple burms and filling in a couple low spots. Kade helped out a lot by continually dropping his toothbrush in the dirt every 5 seconds.


Kelly said...


ThrillerWorldwide said...

Congrats on the finding the new lot! Kade is getting SO big, Im sure he is not giving up the football career just yet... probably just toughening himself up on the horses and learning how to work on the dozer :)
Looks like things are still going well, and those are some pretty amazing sledding pic's - the snow looks awesome! Keep in touch and see you before too long !!