Friday, December 14, 2007

War wounds

This is a picture of Dusty's leg on his upper thigh, when we went snowmobiling he tried to go around this small tree and ended up running right into it. It stopped him dead in his tracks and threw him up against his handle bars. Pretty funny from where I was watching, but he played it off and it seemed that he didn't get hurt at all until he got in the pickup to leave and he contined on and on the whole way home that his leg really hurt. I, of course, didn't think anything had really happened because at the time he seemed to just get back on and kept riding like nothing happened. I think it had a lot to do with the male ego and acting tough in front of a group of guys. It is getting uglier and uglier as the days go on. If this were me, I would be showing every Tom, Dick, and Harry and really milking it, but Dusty's pretty tough and said that he hasn't shown anyone because he feels a bit odd dropping his pants to show someone.

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lochie said...

yikes - with a wound like that Dusty did pretty good to not say something til the car ride home! looks like a painful one!