Wednesday, October 17, 2007

feel good days

In the past (pre-pregnancy) I would cringe when a man in a passing car rolled down the window to yell something or whistle, " how immature" was usually my first thought followed by "what a creep" But today in the Walmart parking lot, as I struggled with Kade's car seat, I got my first post pregnancy cat call--"hot mama" to be exact! I have been working out faithfully and have a 3k race this weekend. With the help of a great trainer (Kelly) I have improving my time and can almost get back into my prepregnancy clothes. This was the first time however that I actually felt good when some stranger yelled something in my direction--even though he was still immature and probably a creepo!


lochie said...

You are a hot mama, Keri!! Good luck on your race this weekend! Weather is turning chilly so I bet that just makes you go even faster right?!

Kelly said...

Can't wait to hear about the race. I remember in college if we didn't get a cat call while out running I'd wonder what was going on...ha! It always helped pick up the pace a bit...wierd??ha!