Friday, August 24, 2007

We are a happy family

Dusty and I have been married 4 years! Wow-We just had our first baby, Emmett Kade Hibbard, who goes by Kade. Emmett is a family name on the Hibbard side. I know I know why name a child something and then choose to call him by his middle name, I've heard it all, but what do you do without family tradition!


Kelly said...

I love this pic of you guys! So good looking! What a great family...are you going to get a pic taken with Kade too? We got one at JCPenny of all of us, but it's ugly...we need to get some profetional pics!

Cleota said...

Dusty and Keri - What a great photo of you two. This is my first Blog post so you will have to excuse me. And yes EMMETT IS A FAMILY TRADITION. Love you both. Grambo